Skip Waiting Room Hassle with a Top House Call Doctor

For patients seeking 24/7 urgent care by Tarzana and the surrounding areas, the clinic may seem like the only option. Unfortunately, medical centers are filled with hassles and hardships for patients, particularly when they’re feeling sick. Suffering through a commute, contending with long wait times in uncomfortable waiting rooms, and risking succumbing to further sickness from contagious illnesses from other patients are only a handful of the difficulties that a patient must contend with in medical facilities. But now, thanks to highly trained, experienced, and talented physicians like Dr. Michael Farzam, there is another excellent option in the form of high quality and affordable house call medicine for true 24/7 urgent care by Studio City and beyond.

House call medicine may seem to some as a service that is no longer practiced, but it’s actually making a significant comeback due to a variety of factors. First and foremost, most visits to the clinic are for information purposes and a quick diagnosis only. The majority of the time, a doctor need only observe your symptoms then right you a prescription for further treatment. Having to wait for extended periods of time for a 5-10 minute session with a doctor makes little sense for the patient. In addition, house call medicine ensures a patient will not have to risk infection from other ill patients or exposing others to their condition. When the convenience of having a doctor who works around your schedule on your own terms is taken into account, house call medicine becomes the clear winner for outstanding 24/7 urgent care by Sherman Oaks or any location!

House Call Doctor
Los Angeles

Doctor is usually at your location in one hour or less. Call for an appointment.