Monoclonal IV Antibody

Monoclonal IV Antibody: Bebtelovimab

“Are monoclonal antibody treatments effective right now?” is a question we often get from patients. The answer is yes because a new type of IV antibody treatment called Bebtelovimab has been authorized by the FDA for mild to moderate Covid-19. It has proven to be as effective in combating the coronavirus as it is difficult to pronounce!

Dr. Michael Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles have been providing in-home IV Bebtelovimab treatments to patients in the LA area with great success. If you or a loved one has come down with the virus, we are here to help shorten the length and severity of Covid,

How is Bebtelovimab Different?

Monoclonal IV treatments use synthesized antibodies that work faster than ordinary antibodies. They have been used to treat a number of different conditions, including some cancers and Covid-19. However, much as penicillin only works against some infections, and new antibiotics are created regularly to deal with new types of bacteria, new monoclonal treatments were needed when omicron variants began to appear. Bebtelovimab monoclonal treatments are the same as older drugs designed to fight Covid-19 except that they have been updated to work against omicron BA.2 – the highly infectious variant that swept the world last year.


For more information on how monoclonal antibodies work in general, click here.

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What Should I Do If I Think I Have Covid?

Follow the CDC guidance regarding what to do if you are sick and how to contain the spread of the illness. If you are having significant symptoms, you should contact a doctor as quickly as possible to see if there are ways you can cut down on the length and severity of the illness, including Bebtelovimab monoclonal treatments. It’s important to act quickly because the treatment is only effective within a few days of showing your first Covid symptoms.

One important CDC guideline is to stay at home except when getting medical treatment. Naturally, then, the very safest thing you can do is to get treated at home. Dr. Michael Farzam is a highly experienced board-certified internist and a pioneer in the field of 21st-century house call medicine.

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