Dr. Farzam is the real life "HOUSE". He saved the lives of my whole family. When my fiancé, myself and our daughter were home for many days suffering from what we thought was a bad case of the flu, Dr. Farzam solved the mystery of our illness, working out that we were victims of Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to a leak in our heating system and not the flu as we thought. We were told that if we had not left the house as directed by Dr. Farzam we would not have woken up the next day.

We started to feel better instantly and the next day went to hospital to undergo hyperbaric chamber treatments. Thanks to Dr. Farzam, he not only saved our lives but also helped prevent long term brain damage in my family. I highly recommend Dr. Farzam over any Doctor. Having him come to your house without you having to go out, and be able to prescribe and administer the correct drugs for you without you having to leave your house at all is well worth the little extra than going to your regular Doctor. His bedside manner is extremely professional and he makes you feel like you are in very safe hands.

If you are at home and not feeling well, don't think twice, call Dr. Farzam immediately, you will be very glad you did.
Hess B.
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Farzam came and saw me at my office when I was having terrible migraines- I work in a busy fashion industry and didn't have a chance to go see a doc. Dr. F was AMAZING! Saved me time, money and was super friendly!!!! I have already called him twice since and refer him to all my friends and co-workers. Thanks Dr. Farzam!!!!
Sarah L.
Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Farzam is a wonderful physician! I have a stressful corporate job and its very difficult for me to get out of my office at a reasonable hour. Dr. Farzam came to my job-site when I had a very painful sinus infection. He was able to see me within a few hours, and write me a prescription. He was very thorough in his explanations and diagnosis. I called him again recently for carpal tunnel in my wrists. He is wonderful and I highly recommend him!
Emily A.
Brentwood, CA
I saw Dr. Farzam last week for a terrible migraine. I have a 6 month old baby and a demanding job and could not find the time to see a physician. Dr. Farzam came to my office where he was able to do an exam and write a prescription for my migraine medicine. He was extremely thorough and had wonderful bedside manner. He called me that night to follow up with me. I have referred him to all my friends and co-workers. He was a life saver! My husband also called him for some lower back pain and Dr. Farzam was at our home within an hour. He spent over an hour with my husband and explained everything so thoroughly! It saved us a lot of time and his fees were very reasonable!! I will definitely be calling him again when I need a doctor!
Sandra E.
Hollywood, CA
Dr. Farzam came to my house when I had a terrible sore throat. It was difficult to make it out to see a doctor because I have two small children and a very busy household. He was able to see me within an hour and called in the antibiotics that I needed to get better. He was wonderful! I will definitely be calling him anytime I need a doctor again! He was also super friendly with my kids who were following him around! Also, his rates were very reasonable- a big plus!!!
Amy J.
Tarzana , CA
Dr. Mike is not only an amazing doctor, he is an amazing human being. He loves his job... and he genuinely cares about his patients. He doesn't over charge (like so many other house-call doctors do).... and he gives wonderful care. I never write reviews EVER... but I really felt like I owed it to the community to let everyone know how great of a Doctor Mike is!! He took his time... and followed up with me multiple times to check on my recovery. It’s hard to believe Doctors like Michael really exist. but he is living proof! Thank you so much Dr. Farzam.
Magdalene H.
Beverly Hills , CA
Dr. Farzam is wonderful! I had a terrible sinus infection and needed antibiotics. I have a very busy schedule and did not have the time to sit in a waiting room. Dr. Farzam came to my home within an hour, gave me wonderful care, and had very reasonable fees. He has great bedside manner and is very thorough. He spent an hour with me and called later to follow up! He is the BEST! Thanks Dr. F!
James P.
Mike thank you for help. I have a very busy Job that does not allow me to get to the doctor's office. It is so important that I show for work. I called Dr. M when I have a rash on my legs. He was at my office in a few hours and called in the right treatment! It was a big time saver. I plan on calling you again Dr. M. for me and my family.
John S.
Santa Monica , CA
Dr. Mike was AMAZING!!! I had very bad back pain and could not even leave my house. Dr. M came to my home within a few hours of my call. He was very thorough and knowledgeable- he was so patient and answered all of my questions. He spent over an hour with me and even called me the next day to follow up. This was the best doctor experience I have ever had! I referred him to my brother in law who saw him several weeks later for a sore throat and he was extremely happy with him treatment also. I would definitely recommend this doctor! For coming to your home, his prices are VERY reasonable and definitely cheaper than urgent cares and regular doctor offices. Thanks Dr. Mike!!!
Karla L.
Los Angeles , CA
My wife and I thoroughly recommend Mike Farzam if you are on holiday in LA and one of your family falls ill. Mike was prompt, polite and very professional. He came quickly to our hotel and he had a great bedside manner which is really important when you have a young child who is feeling very ill. Thanks, Mike.
Best Regards, Mike & Rachel Sleigh, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Karla L.
Los Angeles , CA

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