Doctors on Call

Doctors on Call

When patients need a highly-skilled, experienced on call doctorHouse Call Doctor Los Angeles is the best choice. Founder and CEO, Board Certified Internist Dr. Michael Farzam provides the care that his patients need, no matter their condition, no matter the time of day, and no matter their location as long as they’re in the Greater Los Angeles area. Doctors on call can provide a service that no typical primary care provider can match, because his form of healthcare if highly personalized.

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24 hour on call doctor is a huge benefit for those who don’t want to leave their location and want mobile medicine. Not to mention you’ll get the full bang for your buck when you pay House Call Doctor Los Angeles: Dr. Farzam spends an average of 45 minutes per appointment with his clients, not including routine follow-up or telemedicine consultations. Compare that with the average 15 minutes the typical physician spends with a patient per appointment! Most patients are frustrated with the long trip to the doctor, their long waiting time, and then seeing the doctor’s support staff more than the doctor himself.

If you want an on call doctor you can count on, Dr. Michael Farzam is the physician for you. His extended, unhurried appointments give you direct, 24/7 access to the doctor with phone calls, texts or emails, and without having to face the hassle of long hold times or even the inability to reach the actual doctor. Dr. Farzam also provides same-day appointments at your home, hotel or worksite, even on weekends and holidays, and at any time of day. Most patients wait less than an hour after placing their call before the doctor arrives at their Greater Los Angeles location.

On Call Doctors Provide Better Care

Many Los Angeles residents are considering the idea of switching from their primary care provider to doctors on call, because they don’t have to block off an entire day just to fit in their doctor’s appointment. With Dr. Farzam, you can expect immediate communication that is a key benefit of belonging to a smaller primary care practice that is more attuned to your needs. In fact, House Call Doctor Los Angeles believes more in proactive care rather than reactive care of the typical doctor who only sees you when you’re sick and not for preventive care.

A concierge doctor such as Dr. Farzam is the only choice for the person who wants prompt care that is discrete and unhurried. Consider House Call Doctor Los Angeles if you are interested in securing the services of the top-rate Los Angeles internist, who provides care for patients of all ages and for any condition you may be suffering from. Dr. Farzam also provides guaranteed follow up that few doctors in Los Angeles give their patients, such as calling and making sure that the patient feels back to 100% after their bout with illness.

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House Call Doctor Los Angeles provides a revolutionary service that is a throwback to medical care the way it used to be: doctors making house calls. Should an urgent problem arise with your health, such as a sudden, acute problem like bronchitis, a flare up of a chronic condition such as lupus or a traumatic accident such as fractured bone, you want a doctor who is there quickly, even for after-hours care. Doctors that make house calls, such as Dr. Farzam, are able to give you the attention you need when you need it most. If you are interested in learning more about House Call Doctor Los Angeles, or to see a fee schedule of Dr. Farzam’s services, visit our homepage at for further information. Residents of Greater Los Angeles can call us at 310-849-7991 for 24/7 healthcare access.

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