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Dr. Michael Farzam and our House Call Doctor Los Angeles provide all of our patients with outstanding care and maximum convenience. Concierge care, however, goes beyond individual house calls and allows patients to have timely access to personalized care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by retaining leading internist Michael Farzam, M.D., as their regular doctor. 

Our concierge patients obtain unrestricted access to all House Call Doctor Los Angeles medical services based on an annual agreement that provides superb quality care whenever patients may need it. Our concierge patients regularly benefit from the level of personalization that comes with care that goes beyond the services of an ordinary medical group.

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Why Not the Best? Why Not All of the Time?

Dr. Farzam founded House Call Doctor Los Angeles because he wanted to dedicate more time to his patients and have the ability to fully address all of their questions and concerns by truly getting to know his patients. We offer outstanding care that not only removes nearly all of the hassle of seeing an ordinary doctor but which allows us to do better work by providing us with greater knowledge.

While a typical visit to a family care doctor usually lasts an average of 7 minutes, Dr. Farzam averages approximately 30 minutes per unhurried and comprehensive visit. Moreover, seeing patients in their normal surroundings allows us to understand their lifestyle and how that may be interacting with their health situation. There are multiple benefits to using a mobile doctor on a regular basis.

At the same time, thanks to the miracle of high-tech miniaturization, House Call Doctor Los Angeles can provide all of the same tests on a mobile basis as you would in a doctor’s office, including blood testing, point of care testing (strep test, urine test, flu test, Covid test, etc), x-rays and ultrasound imaging. Dr. Farzam keeps many common injectable and oral medications on hand and is typically able to fill a prescription right away. Why not have the benefits of this level of care all the time?

Concierge Services Benefits

Patients who take part in our retainer fee-based plan can expect the following:

  • Executive annual physicals
  • Unlimited house calls; same-day visits
  • First-rate nursing care
  • Urgent care services for acute illnesses
  • Chronic illness monitoring
  • Routine follow-up
  • 24/7 access to the doctor through email, text, and cell phone calls

The Concierge Difference

Concierge-style healthcare is increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Patients and their concierge doctors benefit from a direct relationship where there is no need to deal with the endless complexities and pointless distractions of health insurance – and where there is always plenty of time to explore a patient’s healthcare situation.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles’s concierge plan offers the same thing, but with the added benefit of performing all care on a mobile basis – so when you’re not feeling well or need a checkup, you can leave all the driving to us! Doctors on call are ready at all times to provide outstanding care not only at patients’ homes but their hotel rooms, offices, worksites, and just about anywhere where healthcare can be reasonably performed. Furthermore, Dr. Farzam is a widely respected board-certified internist. He is known for his ability to provide superb health care that is always tailored to the needs of his patients – rather than carefully timed and limited to suit the convenience and bottom line of the medical provider. 

More than Convenience

Convenience is the most immediate attraction of a concierge approach with House Call Doctor Los Angeles. Evidence suggests, however, that it could have some more important benefits. Research indicates that strong continuity of medical care may be highly correlated with lower rates of mortality.* 

Dr. Farzam believes that doctors need to learn everything they can about their patients’ health and practice medicine in a way that facilitates outstanding personalized care. In the current standard healthcare model, doctors may specifically limit the time of appointments to just 10-20 minutes. Our entire team is dedicated to providing as much care as a patient needs without a constant eye on the clock.

* “Continuity of care with doctors-a matter of life and death? A systematic review of continuity of care and mortality,”  BMJ Open (British Medical Journal), Volume 8, Issue 6. Denis J Pereira Gray, Kate Sidaway-Lee, Eleanor White, Angus Thorne, and Philip H Evans. June 2018.

Top-Tier Healthcare Today with House Call Doctor LA Concierge Care

The difference between the regular primary care model and concierge medicine with House Call Doctor Los Angeles is clear – better care and better health with more convenience.

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