30 Minute Covid PCR Testing

30 Minute Covid PCR Testing NOW Available!

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is now offering 30 Minute Covid PCR testing and other tests for people who need their results quickly.

Though we’ve made important progress, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a very serious matter. As we’ve learned recently, even the fully vaccinated can catch and transmit the virus. That means that regular and emergency COVID testing remain vitally important in many instances for protecting your loved ones, your community, and yourself.

Three Testing Options are Available

Not all tests are readily accessible through major drug-store chains and other providers. However, House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers the following:

  • PCR Testing – An extremely accurate and simple test often required for travel. We offer a one-day turnaround time and we work with a Hawaii-certified (trusted partner) lab.
  • Rapid Antigen Test – Provides an answer regarding COVID status within 15 minutes
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test – For individuals who want to know if they’ve had COVID-19 in the past and developed antibodies, a simple finger-stick blood test can produce a result in only 10 minutes.
Doctor with blood tests in tube. Studio shot
Close-up image of passport with covid test report.

When is Testing Needed?

There are several reasons patients may need testing, including:

  • Children gaining clearance for school or camp admissions.
  • Requirements for overseas travel and cruises.
  • Employment
  • Peace of mind before a visit to children and others who may be more at risk.
  • Ruling out COVID-19 – for health, social responsibility, and peace of mind – if there are any possible symptoms.

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