Looking to Past for the Future of Medical Treatment

When it comes to medical care, advances in technology, treatment options, and education are critical for offering patients better options. Indeed a major factor behind the overall increase in the quality of life for, and life expectancy is improved healthcare for patients across the world. Nevertheless, in one area of medicine, a practice from the past is making a comeback for outstanding results, and improved patient treatment options in the form of house call medicine. Thanks to expert physicians like Dr. Michael Farzam, house call medicine is an excellent alternative for a patient seeking 24/7 urgent care by West Hills and beyond.

The idea of house call medicine is simple. In many, if not most, instances, it makes more sense for the doctor to come to you than for you to go to the doctor, particularly if you’re feeling ill. The vast majority of doctor visits are for information purposes only in which the doctor makes a quick diagnosis and prescribes medicine to that patient for treatment. A house call doctor like Dr. Farzam is able to provide this service and more in the comfort of the patient’s own home which allows them to avoid hassles like commutes to and from the medical center, and long waits in uncomfortable waiting rooms. It’s the clearly superior option for 24/7 urgent care by Studio City or any location. Because Dr. Farzam is a board certified expert physician, patients need not worry about the quality of their care. For outstanding 24/7 urgent care by Glendale and any Los Angeles area, our team is standing by.

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