The Case for House Call Medicine

In the past, house call medicine was the primary method for doctors to reach patients and to deliver them the care that they needed. As a means of healthcare, this approach was beneficial to the patient who did not have to hazard traveling to hospitals while experiencing illness or injury. In modern medicine, house call doctors are much more rare, but are making a comeback due to the excellent care and convenience offered by experienced, expert physicians like Dr. Michael Farzam. House Call Doctor Los Angeles is one of the best ways to enjoy top 24/7 urgent care by West Hills, and it allows patients to do it without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Most patients, when feeling ill would brave a visit to a 24/7 urgent care by Van Nuys if they are located in that area. Unfortunately a visit to a healthcare center is not without its hassles. Long wait times, the difficulty of commuting, and limited access to busy doctors are only a few of the challenges facing a patient seeking traditional care. Here at House Call Doctor Los Angeles, we provide an excellent solution in the form of a house call for maximum convenience and comfort.

As a highly trained and experienced board certified physician, Dr. Farzam can offer an accurate diagnosis than provide care to a patient in their own home on a schedule that revolves around their own needs. Compared to traditional 24/7 urgent care by Tarzana, this option is much more effective, convenient, and immediate for any patient experiencing health issues. Contact our team today for quality care at your doorstep!

House Call Doctor
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