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If you’re supremely busy like most Southern Californians, getting your flu shot may seem like just one more hassle on a rapidly multiplying list of priorities. It can be a pain to take time from your ordinary schedule to travel to a clinic or pharmacy, wait in line with a other people waiting for a flu vaccine (some of whom may be sick!), get your shot, and then have to drive back to work or home.

mobile doctor, however, can make the process of getting your flu shot much, much easier. Mobile doctors (AKA house call doctors) may have once been passé, but modern medicine has made the concept relevant again with the added benefit of being incredibly convenient.

A Mobile Doctor Can Deliver Vaccines Just About Anywhere!

Whether you’re at home, work, a hotel room, or virtually any other place that’s safe for basic medical services, your mobile doctor can administer your flu shot. Mobile doctors like Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles aren’t bound to a single location, so they can visit their patients wherever makes the most sense.

This also applies to patients looking for one of the 3 COVID-19 vaccinesCOVID-19 testing, or most other medical services!

Do I Really Need to Get a Flu Shot?

Yes! With rare exceptions, the CDC recommends that all patients 6 months or older get a flu vaccine.

In 2021, the flu vaccine is particularly important because patients should be doing everything possible to preserve the strength of their immune systems. Patients who catch the flu and then get infected by COVID-19 are at extreme risk for severe illness.

By getting a flu shot, patients are giving themselves the best protection against the flu—and indirectly strengthening their protection against COVID-19.

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