Emergency Covid Testing for Breakthrough Cases

For those of us who are fully vaccinated, emergency Covid testing may feel like an unnecessary service. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. While less likely, it’s still possible for fully vaccinated people to catch and transmit Covid. The good news is that these cases, often referred to as “breakthrough cases,” rarely result in severe illness or hospitalization.

However, the risk of transmitting Covid from fully vaccinated people to unvaccinated people remains high. As such, infected persons – even if they are asymptomatic – are typically barred from public and private spaces until they test negative for the virus. Naturally, emergency testing provides a convenient and accurate solution.

Convenient Options for Covid Testing

There are many ways to get tested for Covid in Los Angeles, many of which are quick and largely hassle-free. In-home antigen nasal swab tests can deliver results in about 15 minutes while antibody tests can help you determine if you’ve previously been exposed to Covid.

Lab testing can also provide

Drive thru Covid testing is also available!

Is Covid Really Still a Threat?

Yes. Especially for unvaccinated people. Newer variants of the virus are believed to be more contagious and may severely affect a wider group of people – the initial Covid outbreak resulted in hospitalization mostly for people with preexisting conditions or the elderly.

Vaccination is a proven and effective tool against Covid; however, insufficient vaccine rates have allowed the virus to persist.

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