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One of the worst parts about going to a local urgent care facility for 24/7 urgent care by Hermosa Beach is that you can never be quite sure which doctor you will see. In most urgent care visits, the doctor does not know anything about the patient’s situation until they walk into the room and glance at their chart. This method not only wastes the patient’s time, but it often results in substandard, impersonal care. Yet, House Call Doctor Los Angeles with Dr. Michael Farzam is different. Dr. Farzam brings individualized care directly to the patient in their home, office, or hotel room. With House Call Doctor Los Angeles, the doctor patient relationship revolves completely around the patient.

When you call House Call Doctor Los Angeles for 24/7 urgent care by Brentwood, you will speak to an experienced physician over the phone so that you can explain your injuries or symptoms. This way, the doctor knows what to expect of out the appointment, so they can make sure that they bring all of the necessary tools to treat that individual patient. Appointments tend to go much smoother when the doctor has a clear idea of who the patient is, what their medical history is, and what they are currently suffering from before they arrive at their home.

Another great aspect of this one on one doctor patient relationship is that Dr. Farzam does not have the overhead costs associated with running a physical office (those waiting room magazine subscriptions really add up), so the savings get passed on to the patients. This is just one of the many benefits of choosing House Call Doctor Los Angeles the next time you need 24/7 urgent care by North Hollywood.

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