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There are a variety of skilled and highly trained physicians in Los Angeles, but they are often inaccessible and spread out across the greater Los Angeles area. Only one of them, Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, can come directly to patients to provide them with 24/7 urgent care by Culver City and a multitude of other LA neighborhoods. While many people used to think that you could not receive the same high quality care at home as you can in a hospital, Dr. Farzam is quickly proving these people wrong with the exceptional care that he provides patients.

Not only is the care provided by Dr. Farzam as good as or better than the care that you receive from hospitals or urgent care facilities, it is also relatively affordable. House Call Doctor Los Angeles does not have the high overhead costs that come with managing and keeping up an office, so he is able to provide his patients with care at an affordable per visit rate for 24/7 urgent care by Agoura Hills. Families and individuals can also retain Dr. Farzam as a year-long concierge physician who can provide medical care for the entire family exactly where and when they need it.

24/7 urgent care by Hermosa Beach in your home, Dr. Farzam can also visit you in your office or hotel room. Busy professionals like this because it is difficult for them to find time in their busy workday to drive to a hospital, and travelers like avoiding the stress of trying to find the nearest medical facility in an unfamiliar city.

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