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concierge doctor in Los Angeles who specializes in house calls can perform nearly all of the same specialized services you might expect from a brick-and-mortar concierge doctor’s office. Board-certified Dr. Michael Farzam from House Call Doctor Los Angeles has years of experience in treating patients in the comfort of their own homes, places of business, and other locations with the highest level of care and extra attention. While it may seem like a doctor who does house calls is more of a thing of the past, today’s advances in medicine have made it possible to create portable versions of many of the breakthroughs in medical technology that occurred in the 20th century. For that matter, outstanding care and attention are always 100% portable!

Receiving a visit from a house call doctor allows patients to get a more personalized experience than what they might get in a busy hospital or urgent care setting; this is even more true when it’s a concierge doctor. Dr. Farzam usually spends around 45 minutes with each patient, which is substantially higher than the average primary care physician, according to a 2018 study. And aside from immediate, life-threatening emergencies (which always warrant a call to 911), our concierge doctor can treat patients for many of the same things they might visit a hospital or private practice for, including ongoing and chronic illnesses, minor injuries, and many other ailments.

Moreover, Dr. Farzam can meet in essentially any location that is appropriate for medical examination and is usually able to arrive at most locations in Los Angeles within an hour. Perhaps more importantly, there is no need to make any dramatic changes to your day, like taking off work.Get in touch with House Call Doctor Los Angeles by visiting our contact page or call the number on your screen. We are available 24/7 every day of the year.

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