House Call Service During a Pandemic is Still Possible

Even in a pandemic, a house call doctor from House Call Doctor Los Angeles is still available to provide personalized medical care and services directly to your home. While pandemics certainly present a new set of obstacles to overcome for both patients and physicians, clear communication and patience can make the best of a trying situation. If you believe you have been exposed to or infected with COVID-19, you should notify us while scheduling your appointment so that we can take necessary precautions for the safety of everyone involved.


As of this writing, the current public health crisis perpetuated by coronavirus (or COVID-19) has plagued much of the world. However, hot spots around the globe have begun to show signs that the pandemic may be loosening its grip. For most patients, the virus manifests in common cold-like symptoms, usually with a heavy emphasis on respiratory illness, and does not warrant serious medical attention.

Conversely, the COVID-19 coronavirus does impact a minority of patients far more severely and has killed hundreds of thousands globally. Again, most who catch the virus may have little to no signs of the disease, but the possibility of severe illness in at-risk groups warrants many societal and personal lifestyle changes.

Urgent Care from House Call Doctor Los Angeles

It is important to remember that while extra measures have to be taken during a pandemic, non-life threatening urgent care is still available from House Call Doctor Los Angeles. Taking care of our patients is and always will be our priority.

For more information about our services, please visit our contact page or call the number on your screen.

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