House Call Medicine is the Best Choice for Maximum Comfort

For 24/7 urgent care by Studio City a trip to the clinic or a primary care doctor may seem like the best choice, but it’s not the only choice for quality care. As we all know, heading to the doctor’s office can be a real hassle, particularly if you’re not feeling well. A trip to the doctor’s office involves uncomfortably long wait times, having to expose yourself to other sick patients whose illnesses you can catch, and having a very limited and brief interaction with the doctor. With House Call Doctor Los Angeles, with respected board certified physician Dr. Michael Farzam, you can now have access to outstanding treatment without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Because the vast majority of visits to the doctor’s office are for information purposes only, the practice of house call medicine makes more sense than ever as a solution to the hassles of modern healthcare. Highly trained and experienced doctors like our own Dr. Farzam can easily provide an accurate diagnosis in the field and provide treatment for most common illnesses and ailments. As opposed to traditional 24/7 urgent care in Van Nuys and the surrounding areas, patients can receive care on their own terms that conforms to their own schedule. It also allows patients to have a more private session with their doctor for issues they may find to be embarrassing or difficult to discuss in a clinic. For the best 24/7 urgent care by Glendale and beyond, our team is standing by to provide the outstanding care you deserve.

House Call Doctor
Los Angeles

Doctor is usually at your location in one hour or less. Call for an appointment.