Dr. Farzam Offers Outstanding House Call Medicine

For the best 24/7 urgent care by Van Nuys and the surrounding areas, most patients might not consider house call medicine as a choice to find quality care. After all, for many, house call medicine may appear to be an old fashioned and antiquated service that is no longer in practice. The truth, however, is that house call medicine is making a comeback thanks to talented physicians like Dr. Michael Farzam and outstanding services like House Call Doctor Los Angeles. We provide an alternative for patients looking for 24/7 urgent care by West Hills and beyond that provides maximum convenience and patient comfort.

Three of the most difficulty issues with the modern urgent care clinic are as follows: difficulty getting to and from treatment centers for patients who are ill, long uncomfortable waits in waiting rooms, and having limited access to overworked doctors who are providing treatment to a large group of patients at once. With House Call Doctor Los Angeles, you are always at the center of attention with a true one on one interaction with an experienced, board certified physician who is able to take the time and energy to carefully analyze your condition. Dr. Farzam is able to provide an accurate diagnosis, prescribe any necessary medication, and do it all within the comfort of your own home and on an appointment schedule that adhere to your own personal needs.

To experience the benefits of true 24/7 urgent care by Tarzana or any Los Angeles based location, our excellent services are only a phone call away.

House Call Doctor
Los Angeles

Doctor is usually at your location in one hour or less. Call for an appointment.