When Discretion Matters

If you live in certain Los Angeles neighborhoods like Bel Air, Beverly Hills, the Palisades, or Hollywood, then there’s a chance that you’re a recognizable face in the public eye. While this may be a greatly positive force in your life overall, when it comes to dealing with being sick in public, this can be frustrating. Dr. Farzam, a top-tier physician who runs his own practice called House Call Doctor Los Angeles, knows this is the case, which is part of the reason he provides in-home urgent care for Brentwood residents, as well as residents of almost all of the other neighborhoods that usually have celebrities. And the best part of Dr. Farzam’s treatment, aside from his bedside manner and his top-tier expertise, is the fact that he is incredibly discreet.

Although it may not be important to some, those with some level of fame or notoriety will know that being able to stay home while dealing with an illness can be a significant benefit. Going to a very public hospital waiting room in Culver City, rather than receiving urgent care in Culver City
by an in-home care physician, can, unfortunately, provide for some frustrating PR to deal with.

So, if you’re somebody with some level of celebrity status in Los Angeles, and you want to avoid the PR headache that comes with going to a large public hospital when you’re sick, then you’ll want to contact Dr. Michael Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles. Some of the best discreet urgent care in Los Angeles is just a phone call away.

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