West Hollywood’s Trusted House Call Doctor

Years ago, rather than going to large, impersonal hospitals, families relied on the care of a friendly and personable house call doctor for all of their medical needs. While many people may assume that this service is a thing of the past, it does not have to be. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles has brought this profession back like never before. Thanks to modern medical technology and Dr. Farzam’s expert care, patients in Los Angeles can receive medical care in their home, office, or hotel room that mirrors and often exceeds the care that people receive in a physical doctor’s office or urgent care facility.

Anyone needing 24/7 urgent care by West Hollywood can call House Call Doctor Los Angeles any time of the day and either schedule an appointment for later, or request a doctor right away. Typically, it only takes the doctor around an hour to arrive at your home and begin treating you or your loved one. For life threatening emergencies, it is always good to go to a hospital, but for nearly everything else, Dr. Farzam is able to provide quality 24/7 urgent care by West Los Angeles and surrounding communities. One of the other reasons why many patients rely on House Call Doctor Los Angeles for 24/7 urgent care by Woodland Hills is that, compared to skyrocketing emergency room costs, Dr. Farzam’s fee is relatively affordable due to the fact that he doesn’t have to support the overhead associated with having a physical office.

House Call Doctor
Los Angeles

Doctor is usually at your location in one hour or less. Call for an appointment.