Virus or Bacteria? An Urgent Care Diagnosis, the Easy Way

We all know the feeling.  Everything seems just fine, but then an odd rash shows up somewhere. You’re a busy person with a lot going on but, when it doesn’t go away in a few days, you start to wonder. You could run to an urgent care to have it looked at, but who has the time? You do! That’s because Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles is here to take a look at that rash – or any other acute or chronic health issue – at your home, office, a work site…wherever you happen to be.

One of the reasons so many of us find ourselves wavering on whether or not to make a doctor appointment or hit an urgent care center is that we might not even be sure whether we really have a treatable health problem. After all, there’s not much even the very best doctor can do for a simple cold virus, even one that lasts an unduly long time; it’ll go away eventually with some rest. However, a long lasting hacking cough with a runny nose can either be a sign of a persistent cold bug or a more problematic respiratory infection that, left untreated, might lead to pneumonia. The only way to find out is by seeing a doctor – and that’s a lot easier to do when the doctor comes to you.

House call medicine is making a comeback largely because today’s sophisticated medical tests can now usually be performed remotely thanks to mobile technology. This means that Dr. Farzam and his team can come to your aid and make a diagnosis without making a major dent in your busy day.

Dr. Farzam and the House Call Doctor Los Angeles team conduct personalized, compassionate care on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. Contact us today at the phone number above or via e-mail through our contact page.

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