Urgent Care Culver City

Urgent Care Culver City

Meet Board-Certified Internist Dr. Michael Farzam: the house call doctor Los Angeles can count on when it comes to be treated for virtually any medical predicament, excluding dire medical emergencies. This means if you need urgent care Culver City for a broken bone, an acute problem like bronchitis, or a flare up of your chronic condition like COPD, Dr. Farzam can help treat you. Dr. Farzam believes in providing high-quality mobile medicine, because he believes that patients should have to waiting in the urgent care clinic or take time away from work hoping to see the doctor for even a pithy 15 minutes. Dr. Farzam’s appointments, on the other hand, typically last 45 minutes.

Some of the reasons you may require urgent care Culver City from an on call doctor (that does not require a 911 call) include wanting to be seen immediately and not being exposed to germs at the hospital or an urgent care clinic. Dr. Farzam is also able to help patients who want more personalized attention that they currently get from their family care doctor, all while charging much less than the usual trip to the emergency room or urgent care Culver City clinic would cost.

Apart from being an urgent care Culver City physician, Dr. Farzam is currently an active attending physician affiliated with Cedars Sinai Medical Center, and an active member of the American Academy of Home Care Physicians. He completed his medical schooling at some of the most prestigious institutions in the country, and is proud to attend to your medical needs today. Simply call (310) 849-7991 today!

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House Call Doctor Los Angeles provides a revolutionary service that is a throwback to medical care the way it used to be: doctors making house calls. Should an urgent problem arise with your health, such as a sudden, acute problem like bronchitis, a flare up of a chronic condition such as lupus or a traumatic accident such as fractured bone, you want a doctor who is there quickly, even for after-hours care. Doctors that make house calls, such as Dr. Farzam, are able to give you the attention you need when you need it most. If you are interested in learning more about House Call Doctor Los Angeles, or to see a fee schedule of Dr. Farzam’s services, visit our homepage at www.housecalldoctorla.com for further information. Residents of Greater Los Angeles can call us at 310-849-7991 for 24/7 healthcare access.

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