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People who find themselves needing urgent care in 90067 are often among L.A.’s busiest people. They live or work in the area marked by such West L.A. landmarks as Century City and the Hillcrest Country Club; that means they are very likely involved in one of the key businesses that drives life in Los Angeles, such as entertainment, law, real estate, finance, or high-tech. Fortunately, Dr. Michael Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles are here to offer truly outstanding care that eliminates the need for navigating often extremely heavy Westside traffic only to find yourself in a waiting room full of sick people.

Why Use House Call Medicine?

Until fairly recently, house calls were considered something of a quaint relic of the mid-20th century because of the many technological advances that have revolutionized the way modern medicine is performed.  However, recent advances in miniaturization make it possible for Dr. Farzam to perform a great many tests remotely, providing accurate and careful diagnoses quickly and efficiently. At the same time, he is able to perform these functions with a personalized approach that provides each patient with the time and attention needed to ensure that their needs are being taken seriously.

Dr. Farzam understands that Westside residents in the 90067 zip code have very special needs, and he and his team are here to ensure that they have every opportunity to receive the truly outstanding care they deserve. He is happy to provide you urgent care in Los Angeles just about anywhere – at your home, hotel room, office, or film set.

Working with House Call Doctor Los Angeles

From the San Fernando to the Westside and beyond, House Call Doctor Los Angeles is here to provide you with high quality, personalized service. Whether you choose to take advantage of our concierge option, which is secured on a retainer-fee basis, or decide to use our standard services, Dr. Farzam and his team are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Patients who are concerned about costs should also be aware that visits with Dr. Farzam are very often significantly less expensive than an ordinary visit to an emergency room.

To find out more about what Dr. Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles can do for you, please call the phone number on this page or reach out to us via e-mail through our contact page.  

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