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It might not be as famous as, say, 90210, but L.A.’s 90049 zip code is home to many of the city’s most influential residents…and also UCLA, arguably its most influential university (though crosstown rivals USC might well disagree with that). It also includes large portions of two of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods, Brentwood and the Westwood Village Section. People who live here lead busy lives that can’t always be interrupted even when they’re not feeling well. Fortunately, House Call Doctor Los Angeles and Dr. Michael Farzam provide an outstanding alternative to ordinary urgent care options by offering convenience, personalized medical attention, and the very latest and best in treatment. All without the need to spend time sitting in an uncomfortable doctor’s office, surrounded by people who may be carrying contagious illnesses. 

For years, house call medicine was thought of as a quaint, outmoded relic of a past time. Fortunately, modern technology now allows Dr. Farzam to offer just about all of the services of a fully up-to-date medical office, and to provide it wherever you are, whether a home, office, hotel room, or worksite. Dr. Farzam understands that Westside residents lead exciting and full lives, and they’re not always able to take to time visit the doctor for relatively minor or chronic issues.

Available 24 hours a day, seven day a week, the House Call Doctor Los Angeles team is ready and able to offer both ongoing and one-time care.  Patients who are interested in taking advantage of Dr. Farzam’s services on a regular basis can also take advantage of our concierge care option, in which patients pay on an annual fee basis, which in some cases can be reimbursed by insurance.

New patients might also be interested to know that taking advantage of a house call doctor is, in many cases, significantly less expensive than a visit to the emergency room. In any case, people who take advantage of Dr. Farzam’s care can depend on working with a doctor who is ready and able to take the time that it requires to provide the very highest level of care.

Getting Started with House Call Doctor Los Angeles

Whether you live in 90049 or any other portion of the Greater Los Angeles Area, Dr. Farzam and the entire House Call Doctor Los Angeles team is looking forward to providing you with outstanding care. To find out more, call 310-849-7991 on this page or reach us online through our contact page

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