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West Los Angeles is home to some of the most affluent, and busiest people in America. Amongst the numerous neighborhoods included in this wide swathe of Los Angeles are areas like Brentwood and the Pacific Palisades, which are home to movie stars, as well as other entertainment industry professionals. These folks are not only extraordinarily busy with their careers, but also occupied with their families. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, a resident of the city for over three decades, knows this is the case, and is happy to provide ‘round-the-clock in-home service for folks who don’t want to bother with traffic or hospital waiting rooms.

Amongst the West Los Angeles areas included, is, of course, Bel Air. In fact, for those who need urgent care in Bel Air it’s nearly impossible to beat Dr. Farzam. He knows the area better than most other in-home care professionals, and can even prescribe and administer medications on the spot. The same is true for residents who need urgent care in Beverly Hills and its surrounding neighborhoods as well. And, with some of the most narrow and difficult-to-navigate roads in the city, this can be a huge boon for people who don’t want to drive while they’re sick.

Along with West Los Angeles, Dr. Farzam also provides urgent care for Glendale residents who don’t want to deal with traffic headaches or the inconveniences that are inevitably included with a trip to a local hospital. This is especially crucial for those who are simply too sick and too depleted of energy to deal with the extraordinarily draining demands of Los Angeles traffic.

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