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The idea of being treated at home for medical concerns is as old as medicine itself, but it went by the wayside during the last century because of the emergence of the invaluable but hugely bulky and far from portable technology of the past. Thanks to today’s rapidly evolving high technology, however, this kind of medicine has reemerged. Michael Farzam, M.D. has made his name as the house call doctor Los Angeles residents turn to first and has long been an innovator when it comes to providing mobile medicine that’s as good as or better than what a patient is likely to receive in any doctor’s office.

Board certified in General Internal Medicine, Dr. Farzam and his team at House Call Doctor Los Angeles have helped patients of all ages throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area receive the kind of convenient, personalized care they deserve. L.A. can be a particularly demanding city to live in and Dr. Farzam understands that there are many reasons patients can benefit more from house call doctor services than a traditional office-bound practice.

Everyone knows that stress-inducing traffic situations are fact of life throughout Southern California. Dr. Farzam also understands that there’s definitely a strong argument to be made that people who are feeling sick should find alternatives to negotiating traffic while they are under the weather.  It’s also less than ideal for an ill person to have to spend as much as an hour or two waiting to see a doctor in a crowded urgent care. That aside, many of us are so busy we may find it truly difficult to have a chronic condition or a minor injury taken care of. Whether you’re sick at home, or dealing with a busy day at the office or even on a film set, Dr. Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles are here to provide you with outstanding care.

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