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Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles is a Board Certified Physician with over a decade of experience practicing house call medicine in Los Angeles. While many people assume that house call medicine is a thing of the past, modern technology has allowed Dr. Farzam to bring the practice back like never before with House Call Doctor Los Angeles. Dr. Farzam is able to provide the high quality medicine people expect from their Los Angeles doctors but in whichever convenient location that patients would like to meet. While most of the people who request 24/7 urgent care by Woodland Hills meet the doctor in their home, Dr. Farzam can meet patients other places as well.

Busy professionals who need 24/7 urgent care by West Los Angeles love the fact that Dr. Farzam can meet them in their office if they do not have time to leave work to go to a hospital or urgent care facility. This time-saving convenience, in combination with Dr. Farzam’s affordable fee compared to the cost of going to a present day emergency room, can be a huge cost saver.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is also extremely popular for those visiting Los Angeles who would like a doctor to visit their hotel room for 24/7 urgent care by West Hollywood. Many Los Angeles travelers who are unfamiliar with the city are not entirely comfortable trying to navigate the LA highways to get to the nearest hospital that may or may not accept their out of network insurance plan.

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