The Benefits of a 24 Hour Doctor

The only thing worse than requiring medical attention at an odd hour is not having a reasonable option for treatment. While most emergency rooms are always open, they tend to be expensive and crowded so it could be hours before you’re seen – which means there’s plenty of time to accidentally come into contact with an ill person who may be contagious.

Urgent care centers may be a bit less hectic, but they’re also often crowded and most aren’t open 24 hours. Fortunately, there is a better choice: a 24 hour doctor who comes directly to you!

24 Hour House Call Doctor

Contemporary house call doctors offer virtually all the medical services you might expect from an urgent care center but without the hassle of having to leave your home, office, or hotel. And since injuries and illnesses don’t wait for business hours, neither do house call medicine. A 24-hour house call doctor is always available.

Does House Call Medicine Offer Everything a Hospital Does?

Almost. Surgical operations and some tests still may need to be performed at a dedicated facility—but a house call doctor can offer virtually any other medical service available.

How? Many of the medical advances that occurred in the 20th century required huge spaces, dedicated technicians, and more. In the 21st century, however, many of these advances have been miniaturized and simplified while also offering improved functionality. Naturally, this affords house call doctors the ability to carry portable versions of the same equipment that used to fill entire rooms.

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