Skip the Traffic and Urgent Care Waiting Rooms

There are few cities in the United States that have worse traffic than Los Angeles at rush hour. Normally, this traffic is a nuisance. But, if you are sick, stuck in bad traffic, and not in acute mental shape, it can be downright dangerous. Next time you need 24/7 urgent care by Encino don’t risk the drive just to wait even longer in a congested waiting room filled with sick patients. Thanks to Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, patients can stay in the comfort of their home and let the doctor come to them.

This service is especially helpful for business travelers who are unfamiliar with Los Angeles, but need 24/7 urgent care by Hermosa Beach or other LA neighborhoods. Most of these business travelers are not familiar with the local roadways and hospitals, so the ability to have a top physician come to them is incredibly useful. Additionally, travelers may not have health insurance that covers out of network hospitals, so they find that Dr. Farzam is a much more reasonable alternative than skyrocketing out-of-pocket emergency room costs. Because House Call Doctor Los Angeles does not operate out of traditional offices, Dr. Farzam does not have high costs associated with running a doctor’s office, so he is able to offer his patients reasonable rates.

So, the next time you or a member of your family needs 24/7 urgent care by Calabasas, don’t feel stuck with getting stuck in traffic. With House Call Doctor Los Angeles, you can get top-quality medical care, without the stress and burden of travelling to hospitals.

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