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When people get sick, their first instinct is often to go to their local Los Angeles urgent care facility. Yet, these places are often congested, and provide patients with care that is, at best, impersonal. Yet, patients don’t have to settle for this type of low quality 24/7 urgent care by Calabasas. Thanks to Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, patients have access to the most high quality care in the place that is most comfortable to them – their home.

While many people assume that house call medicine is a thing of the past, Dr. Farzam is able to use modern, cutting edge technology to perform all of the duties that you expect a doctor to be able to perform, on the road and in a timely manner. As technology progresses, medical devices and patient information becomes more and more mobile. With the assistance of a trained technician, Dr. Farzam is even able to provide patients with X-rays and ultrasounds that many would assume are only available in a hospital setting. If you need 24/7 urgent care by Encino, you can call House Call Doctor Los Angeles and know that you are not compromising the quality and range of your care.

So, next time you or a family member needs 24/7 urgent care by North Hollywood and you do not want to brave the congested LA traffic just to wait in an even more congested waiting room, remember that Dr. Farzam is standing by to provide you with quality medical care in your home, office, or hotel room.

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