House Call Medicine in Hollywood and Beyond

Whether you are working, living, or simply visiting Hollywood when you become ill, it can be difficult to find reliable urgent care within Hollywood 24/7. Even if you can get to an urgent care facility that will treat you, the quality of care is often substandard, and you are often treated as a number, and not a person.

If you are tired of this impersonal system of receiving urgent care, consider house call medicine with Dr. Michael Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles. With Dr. Farzam, you can rest assured that you have access to urgent care within Beverly Hills 24/7 that matches the quality that you expect from area hospitals, with comfort and individual attention that far exceeds these large medical centers. Dr. Farzam can visit patients in the comfort of their home, office, or hotel so that patients can receive medical care on their own time, in a place that is familiar to them. Whether you need care in Hollywood, or any one of the other neighborhoods in the greater LA area, you can have a doctor come to you for same day urgent care, or for regularly scheduled checkups.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is the best option for patients who want reliable urgent care within Century City 24/7. Under the care of Dr. Farzam, patients are comfortable knowing that they are not only receiving the top-quality care, but in a safe, and familiar environment. While some people consider house call medicine to be a thing of the past, modern technology allows it to jump ahead of traditional doctor’s office care as the preferred method of care for many patients.

House Call Doctor
Los Angeles

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