Home Based Care for Busy Families

If you’re a busy mother or father with a family in Los Angeles, you know how hectic things can get on any given normal day. Between soccer practice, grocery shopping, and any other work that may be going on, you’re sometimes lucky if you can even get five minutes to yourself. While this lifestyle can normally be somewhat reasonable, things can become extremely difficult to deal with if you have to take care of your family, and deal with a sickness simultaneously. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, knows this fact extremely well, as he is a busy professional and father himself, and has dedicated his practice to helping people when they’re sick and simply too busy to deal with traffic and hospital waiting rooms. His service covers most of the Greater Los Angeles Area, and includes urgent care in Malibu as well as many of the other nearby beach cities.

Urgent care in Marina del Rey is also available through Dr. Farzam and his top-tier team at House Call Doctor Los Angeles, and is the perfect option for parents in the area who have too much to deal with between work and kids, to bother with driving and traffic while they’re sick. For the same reason, Dr. Farzam also offers urgent care in Mid-Wilshire that will allow residents to stay in the comfort and privacy of their homes while they’re using up all of their energy to fight off an illness, or deal with the pain from an injury.

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