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For most people, their home is the place where they are most comfortable. So, it makes sense that when recovering from some sort of ailment or medical concern, people would be most comfortable staying in their own home. This is the idea behind House Call Doctor Los Angeles with Dr. Michael Farzam. Dr. Farzam is able to come directly to his patients and provide them with top quality care in their home, office, or hotel room when they need 24/7 urgent care by Redondo Beach.

Not only does House Call Doctor Los Angeles provide patients with the ability to stay in the comfort of their home when seeking 24/7 urgent care by Playa Del Rey or surrounding communities, it also helps patients avoid catching some other sickness by keeping them away from hospitals. Not only can a patient catch something from another patient in the waiting room, they are also at risk of infections that are all too common in people who stay in hospitals.

In addition to conducting one time appointments for people needing 24/7 urgent care by Westwood, Dr. Farzam is also a respected concierge doctor who can serve as the primary physician for an entire family for a yearly retainer. This service is perfect for anyone who wants the reliability of a top notch doctor for the whole family, but does not have the time to constantly be driving every member of the family to doctor’s appointments. With House Call Doctor Los Angeles, the appointment completely revolves around you.

House Call Doctor
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