Everything from Urgent Care to Year Round Concierge Care

For over a decade, House Call Doctor Los Angeles’ Dr. Michael Farzam has been providing exceptional house call medicine to serve a variety of patient needs. All types of patients love house call medicine because it allows them to receive the same quality care that they expect from their local physician or hospital but in the comfort and safety of their own home, office, or hotel room. If you need 24/7 urgent care by Brentwood, there is no reason not to trust the professional, caring, and capable healthcare provided by House Call Doctor Los Angeles.

While many will first think of going to the nearest urgent care facility when an ailment strikes them quickly, Dr. Michael Farzam is able to provide patients with same-day visits to diagnose and prescribe treatment for most anything that one would go to a doctor’s office for. Modern technology has made medical equipment and patient information much more mobile, so Dr. Farzam is able to bring complex diagnostic tools like X-rays ultrasounds, and blood test materials into a patient’s home. Anyone needing 24/7 urgent care by Encino can understand the added benefit of comfort and privacy that a home setting affords a patient.

In addition to 24/7 urgent care by Calabasas, Dr. Farzam is also a respected concierge physician, who can served the full range of medical needs of an individual or family on a yearly retainer basis. These Los Angeles patients are comforted knowing that wherever and whenever they need medical treatment, Dr. Farzam is only a phone call away.

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