Easy Urgent Care When You Need It

When you or your loved one needs urgent care in Los Angeles for a sudden illness or minor injury, your first thought might be to head to the emergency room. While it’s often crucial to get medical attention quickly, a trip to the ER or an urgent care center may not be the best option for most non-life-threatening problems. (Always call 911 if you think your life may be in danger.)

So, what is the best solution? Believe it or not, the answer very often is a house call doctor!

Benefits of a House Call Doctor

One of the biggest advantages of a house call doctor is that they bring the same medical care you’d find in a doctor’s office straight to your door. This frees you from the stress of leaving your home at night or perhaps during rush hour, navigating through heavy L.A. traffic, and waiting in a busy room full of potentially infectious patients.

Comfortable and Quality Care

A house call doctor provides 24 hour urgent care from the comfort of your home from a doctor who will be able to spend more time than a harried emergency room or urgent care physician. Moreover, depending on your insurance situation, a visit from a house call doctor may actually be less expensive than a stressful day or night in an emergency room.

Make no mistake, services like ours at House Call Doctor Los Angeles provide state-of-the-art medical care. Thanks to modern technology, many medical instruments used in a traditional doctor’s office now come in portable versions, giving house call doctors the ability to bring their equipment wherever they go. In other words, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best medical care available.

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