Don’t Settle For Impersonal Urgent Care Facilities

No matter how many urgent care facilities open in Los Angeles, none of them can provide the quality of care and comfort that many people wish they could have when they visit the doctor. Most of these facilities work by matching patients with random doctors who have never treated them before, and come into each appointment completely unfamiliar with their background and case history. When Dr. Michael Farzam started House Call Doctor Los Angeles, he wanted to create a practice providing urgent care within Hollywood 24/7 that was different.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles is incredibly unique, in that the doctor comes to the patient, rather than the other way around. Yet, this patient-centric focus of delivering urgent care within Glendale 24/7 also boosts the overall quality of personalized care that patients of House Call Doctor Los Angeles receive. When patients call to schedule an appointment for urgent care or for a regular check-up, they are able to describe their symptoms or needs over the phone to a physician, so the doctor already has a vision of what treatment you may need most before arriving in your home, hotel, or office. This is the best way to provide urgent care near LAX 24/7 in a manner that is both personalized, and professional. By making you the focus of the doctor-patient relationship, we can work together to ensure that you get well and back on your feet as quickly as possible, at a rate that is relatively affordable compared to overpriced urgent care facility costs.

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