Doctor on Call: Medical Care on the Go

Having a doctor on call provides you with medical care without having to leave the comfort of your home to visit a crowded emergency room for a non-life-threatening illness or injury.

A house call doctor can safely bring the best in 21st-century medicine right to your doorstep, whether you’re comfy at home, stuck at work, or anywhere in between—so long as the spot is conducive to medical care.

How Practical are House Calls?

Very. While some procedures and testing have to be done in a hospital or laboratory setting, the majority of reasons patients visit an emergency room are also treatable by a house call doctor. Advanced procedures like surgical operations, of course, need a special operating room.

But, before the medical advances of the 20th century, house call doctors were the norm! The 1900s brought about tons of new technologies and medicines that, while effective, were often large and bulky. Visiting hospitals or clinics became the new standard for medical care because these facilities could house all the new tech and treat patients effectively.

Innovation never stops though, and many 20th century medical marvels are now portable, once again making house call doctors capable of delivering the quality care patients expect. Nowadays, house call doctors can visit patients almost anywhere they are, providing them with medical services in a familiar environment and away from crowded waiting rooms filled with sick patients.

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