COVID-19 and Flu Season Preventative Measures

COVID-19 and flu season can be a seriously unpleasant combination at best and deadly at worst. With the two viruses spreading at the same time, it’s important now more than ever to protect yourself and your loved ones to ensure a healthy and safe winter.

At House Call Doctor Los Angeles, board-certified physician Dr. Michael Farzam brings COVID-19 testing and flu vaccines directly to your home without putting your health or wellbeing at risk. For those at high risk of complications from either disease, getting the flu shot and regularly undergoing testing for the coronavirus is especially crucial to keeping your immune system as strong as possible.

For the rest of us, while the coronavirus is potentially very dangerous, the standard flu-virus is no picnic itself and can put a person out of commission – and at a higher risk of other infections – for weeks.

Benefits of House Call Medicine During COVID

In these uncertain times, a house call doctor is the best solution for receiving quality medical care from the safety and comfort of your home. While house call doctors may seem like an outdated practice, advances in medical technology have made it possible for doctors to easily carry miniaturized medical equipment so that a home visit offers just about everything a traditional office visit – without all of the stress and additional risk.

COVID-19 and Flu Precautions

We should all be in the habit of getting our yearly flu shots. Even if getting the flu shot might not normally top the list of your priorities due to the coronavirus, it is now extremely important. Coming down with the flu will likely weaken your immune system against COVID-19 and increasing herd immunity for influenza will save lives for the community because of fewer people who may be infected by both illnesses at the same time.

Not Feeling Well?

As both the flu and coronavirus share similar symptoms and can easily be confused for one another, if you’re feeling unwell it may be a good idea to get a COVID-19 test, though you will have to delay getting a flu shot as it is not provided when people are not feeling well. At House Call Doctor Los Angeles, we offer at-home nasal swab tests as well as antibody blood tests for your safety and convenience.

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