A Hotel Doctor in Los Angeles – When it Matters

If you are in need of a hotel doctor in Los Angeles, House Call Doctor LA is available to help at any time. Noted internist Dr. Michael Farzam provides personalized care for all of his patients, treating all kinds of medical concerns that can often be treated better, and definitely less stressfully, in a hotel room or home than at a typical urgent care. It certainly removes the annoyance and risk associated with going through traffic in what might be a strange city only to end up in a room full of sick people.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers patients extensive medical services just about anywhere outside of a professional clinic or hospital setting – hotel rooms, homes, offices, even film sets and other work sites when possible. Specifically, a hotel doctor can make life significantly easier for patients who are staying in an unfamiliar city. Rather than having to find and/or wait for an urgent care center to open, patients can request a house call doctor that is available at any time, any day of the week.

While true emergencies where life and limb may be at stake, always warrant emergency services (call 911 or visit an emergency room immediately), a house call doctor can address less severe, but still very pressing, concerns. House call doctors can fill prescriptions, conduct checkups, and perform many of the tasks one would expect from professional medical services. These services can be performed at virtually any location, whether a patient is traveling, at work, or simply at home, unwilling to wait in hospital or clinic waiting rooms with a dozen or more other sick individuals.

Patients interested in learning more about House Care Doctor LA are encouraged to visit the contact page for more information or, for faster service, to call the phone number above.

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