A Concierge Doctor in Los Angeles for Fully Customized Healthcare

Using a concierge doctor in Los Angeles who offers house calls and fully personalized service is naturally going to be a lot more convenient than visiting a hospital or clinic, where physicians may only be allowed five or ten minutes per patient and wait times – even with appointments – can be lengthy and unpleasant. A house call doctor can offer most of the treatment methods and options that a typical urgent care center may offer and using a first-rate concierge doctor can make it that much easier.

Noted board-certified internist Dr. Michael Farzam can arrive at most locations in Los Angeles in under an hour and patients can wait without having to bear the burden of traveling sick or injured when they should be resting. That means patients can be seen in the comfort of their own home, workplace, or nearly any location of their choosing without having to spend any time at all in a waiting room. Just as important, Dr. Farzam is able to spend considerably more time with each patient compared to the typical urgent care physician or nurse practitioner. This type of personalized care better helps patients with their concerns and is far less likely to skip over important details that could have major implications in a diagnosis.

Patients who wonder if they’re missing anything by avoiding hospitals and clinics should know that most modern medical technology and techniques are now portable. While certain functions still require specialists or lab work, we have partnered with many laboratories and doctors in the area that allow us to conveniently serve all of our patients.

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