Urgent Care in Reseda that Makes Sense

Urgent care in Reseda for most of us means going to a clinic full of other people who are feeling unwell. Among other issues, there’s greater than zero chance you might be going in for a minor injury and coming out with a flu bug as well as a minor injury!Moreover, if you’ve already got that flu, then stressing out on the 101 isn’t going to do your illness much good. Dr. Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles knows that there’s a reason that house calls were once a service many patients relied on, and there’s no reason not to bring them back.

Technology is the reason that house calls went away in the latter days of the 20th century. That was because most of the medical tech then available was large and cumbersome, so coming into a doctor’s office was hard to avoid. However, thanks to miniaturization, most tests that can be performed in clinics can now also be performed at home, so there’s every reason to take the easy way out and let your doctor come to you – and it doesn’t matter what part of the Los Angeles area you reside in.

People in Reseda and throughout the San Fernando Valley can rely on Dr. Farzam to provide skilled and compassionate care that deals with their health issues from the comfort of their home, hotel room, or office. Dr. Farzam can be where you arewhen special issues arise. Coming down with the flu and want to cut the illness short? A Tamiflu prescription can help. Dehydrated due to excess exertion or excessive partying? Many of Dr. Farzam’s patients swear by intravenous hydration care, including the famous Myer’s cocktail.

Whether you’re feeling under the weather, want to have a time-efficient check-up, and don’t have time to deal with that sprained ankle or back pain? Dr. Farzam and House Call Doctor can be there, in Reseda or anywhere else in the Los Angeles area, when you need him and where you need him.

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