Urgent Care in Los Angeles Brought to Your Doorstep

When you need urgent care in Los Angeles, you might be tempted to delay receiving help in medical facilities to remain socially distant and avoid becoming exposed to the coronavirus through other patients in the building. At House Call Doctor Los Angeles, we understand your concerns for your health and safety, and while staying isolated is highly recommended in regular circumstances, it’s better to be seen by a physician as soon as you notice a problem so that it does not develop into a more serious issue.

24 hour urgent care has never been easier with a house call doctor. Our very own board-certified internist Dr. Michael Farzam has been bringing personalized medical care directly to his patients’ homes and offices for over ten years. While the average visit to a traditional doctor’s office lasts about 20 minutes, Dr. Farzam spends approximately 45 minutes with each of his patients as he is not tied down by the usual criteria and constraints found in a regular medical office setting. This allows him to properly address all of his patients’ questions and concerns, and often the extra time lends to a more accurate diagnosis of the issue at hand.

While house call medicine might seem like an outdated practice, the truth is that its benefits could not be more clear today, especially amidst the pandemic. Advances in technology have miniaturized basic medical instruments previously housed in medical offices, allowing for Dr. Farzam to once again bring quality care directly to his patients’ homes. Not only is this safer as patients can remain socially distant from other ill individuals instead of being crammed together in a busy waiting room, but it also removes the stress of patients having to navigate through busy traffic when they are already not feeling their best. By allowing individuals to relax in the comfort of their homes and having medical care come directly to their doorstep, Dr. Farzam and House Call Doctor Los Angeles can ensure that the greater Los Angeles area stays safe while still receiving top-tier medical care.

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