Emergency COVID Testing You Can Trust

If you’re in need of emergency COVID testing due to possible exposure, House Call Doctor Los Angeles can provide you with quick and decisive test results.

Getting tested for coronavirus is a serious matter. But with the knowledge of your infection status, you can either take the necessary steps to protect yourself and those around you or find peace of mind in knowing that you have a negative test result.

Drive Through and In-Home Coronavirus Testing

At House Call Doctor Los Angeles, we offer two primary methods for COVID testing:

  • Drive Through Coronavirus Testing – Drive through COVID testing offers a safe and convenient way to get tested without ever having to leave your vehicle.
  • In-Home Coronavirus Testing – We can take any of our three testing kits to a location of your choice, so long as it is appropriate for a medical visit, such as your home or office.

What COVID Testing Can Do for You

If you’re not actively experiencing adverse symptoms of any kind, it may not be clear as to why COVID testing is important. However, it’s important to note that even if you do not have symptoms (of any kind), you can still transmit the virus if you’re a carrier. In fact, the current understanding is that as much as 17–20 percent of all COVID infections occur as a result of exposure to asymptomatic individuals (i.e. those who do not display symptoms of infection).

If you know for a fact that you’ve been near someone who has COVID, it is important to be tested to be sure that you are not unwittingly spreading the virus to the people you encounter, who most likely are those closest to you.

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If you think you need COVID testing, contact our office at the number on this page or through our contact page and we can go over your options. House Call Doctor Los Angeles is always here to help!

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