A Concierge Doctor Who Takes the Title Seriously

Concierge doctor Michael Farzam of House Call Doctor Los Angeles provides 24/7 medical services for patients in the greater Los Angeles area. He offers house call medicine for all of his patients so, there is no need to sit in a crowded room waiting to be seen by a doctor who only has a few minutes to see you. Dr. Farzam typically spends twice that much time with each patient, giving the doctor and his patients the time they need to fully go over concerns and ailments without being rushed. Dr. Farzam can visit nearly any location that is conducive to medical services, including homes, hotels, workspaces, and more. Moreover, in most cases, Dr. Farzam can arrive anywhere in Los Angeles in under an hour, with the benefit of a house call doctor being that patients can comfortably wait at home instead of a waiting room that is likely to expose already-stressed patients to further stress and a great many sick individuals.

However, for his concierge patients, Dr. Farzam offers a special level of care and a direct ongoing relationship that bypasses insurers, though costs may be reimbursed later. It’s no wonder that so many VIP patients take to this arrangement. House call doctors can now perform nearly all of the same functions as hospital doctors, including services like X-rays and ultrasounds. Dr. Farzam can help with laboratory services, physicals, vaccines, alcohol and drug detox, minor wounds and injuries, and much more. For all intents and purposes, Dr. Farzam can help patients with virtually any concern that a primary care physician in a hospital can. As a concierge doctor, Dr. Farzam can provide prescriptions right away, saving patients the extra trip.

House Call Doctor Los Angeles offers around the clock medical service. For more information, please call 310-849-7991.

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